About Us

Construction Fastening Systems, Inc. (CFS) was started in a small garage in Mayer, MN in 1982 by Bruce Lundstrom.  When Ramset changed from a direct selling model to utilizing distributors, Bruce was one of only a hand full of reps that were chosen as distributors in the Midwest.  Starting with just Ramset and a few concrete anchors, CFS has grown to carry a large selection of specialty tools and fasteners for the trades.

CFS still provides job site sales and service in the twin cities metro area that contractors have come to rely on, but has grown to offer much more.  We go beyond the basic tools and fasteners that you can easily find at most any supply house or big box store.  Over the years we have worked with our customers and manufactures to develop specialty tools and assemblies that have become standard use products for many of our customers.

We are still very proud of two things in particular though that we always have a large supply of……customer service and product knowledge.   Sadly, customer service is getting very hard to come by.   Our nationwide customer base continues to grow and it is apparent by their comments that customer service coupled with product knowledge is simply not there anymore.   Many suppliers both online and local are simply selling out of  a catalog, repeating what they read offering no suggestions.  Next time you are faced with that frustration,  please use the opportunity to give us a try.

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